Brussels & Potatoes

brussels potatoes On my first trip to Maggie’s Farm last winter, I tasted their amazing brussels sprouts (minus the meat, of course). I’ve been trying to recreate that dish since. What I came up with tonight I think is even better. I threw these ingredients together without measuring but it’s so damn good I had to share.

Potatoes cut into bite sized pieces

Brussels sprouts


2 TBSP grape juice

2 TBSP peanut oil

2 TBSP balsamic vinegar

salt to taste

pepper to taste

Let the potatoes and Brussels marinate for a bit, throw into a pan and roast on 350 degrees for about an hour. I used relatively small Brussels. If you use larger ones, they may have to roast longer. I paired mine with roasted tofu. Enjoy!

How My Garden Grows (Relatively Wordless Edition)

Our garden has grown considerably in the last few months.  No matter how much or how often we eat lettuce (hello, breakfast salads!), it is most definitely outpacing us. It’s a deliciously good problem to have. Here’s a peek at our early summer goodies-

DSC03637    Rain barrels.

DSC03639  Grow peaches grow!


DSC03640  DSC03645 Hello, broccoli.


DSC03641 Potatoes are nearly ready to eat and store for the winter.



DSC03651  Strawberries!


DSC03635  DSC03643   Sunflower bed and kale. Yes, we eat the sunflower seeds.



fairy2 fairy My little fairy princess picking lettuce for dinner.


How does your garden grow?

P.S. Come visit us and I’ll send you home with at least two heads of lettuce.