Day in the Life

Our normal isn’t so normal lately. Between Emme’s hit or miss napping and adding a new puppy to the family, things have been more than a little sideways. Yesterday we managed to get it right. The day started with a trip to the craft store. As you can see, Emme’s favorite part is the animal section. She’d stay there for hours if I let her.


Next up was a trip to Home Depot. We set aside a small garden plot for Emme to plant flowers in. She chose yellow marigolds and pink snapdragons.


We met daddy at home to plant her flowers and mulch the rest of the garden beds.

plant water

By mid afternoon we needed a break. Our community was hosting a fishing event so we walked the trails to the water. Rob loves to fish and Emme’s been wanting to learn. She mostly dipped her butterfly net in the water and played with some neighborhood friends. We brought Baxter with us and had a really nice family outing. The weather was deceptive. It was warm, but not overly so. I ended up with a bit of a burn.

We came home, grilled our dinner and turned in early. Emme was asleep by 7:45, a true rarity these days!

How was your weekend?


How My Garden Grows (Relatively Wordless Edition)

Our garden has grown considerably in the last few months.  No matter how much or how often we eat lettuce (hello, breakfast salads!), it is most definitely outpacing us. It’s a deliciously good problem to have. Here’s a peek at our early summer goodies-

DSC03637    Rain barrels.

DSC03639  Grow peaches grow!


DSC03640  DSC03645 Hello, broccoli.


DSC03641 Potatoes are nearly ready to eat and store for the winter.



DSC03651  Strawberries!


DSC03635  DSC03643   Sunflower bed and kale. Yes, we eat the sunflower seeds.



fairy2 fairy My little fairy princess picking lettuce for dinner.


How does your garden grow?

P.S. Come visit us and I’ll send you home with at least two heads of lettuce.

March Madness


It’s March.  That can mean only one thing.  Rob and I are behind in getting our seeds started.  I’m not sure how we’d react if we were on schedule and on top of everything that needs to get done around here.

Yesterday we buckled down and got started on roughly a quarter of what we’ll plant- okra, broccoli, romaine, loose leaf lettuce, spinach, eggplant, kale, cucumber, cherokee, connoley, roma and cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, amaranth, basil, green beans and lavender.  It seems like a lot until you realize it needs to not only feed us while it grows, it needs to feed us throughout the winter.  We’ll can whatever we can’t consume during the season.

So let’s get started on how we make our little garden in the city grow. First we gather our pots, seeds and soil. You can buy the trays and soil in most stores.  We buy them at Home Depot but I’ve seen them in Walmart and Target.  I don’t think the prices vary that much between the stores.


Loosely fill the pots to the top with dirt.


Add water to the trays.


Poke a 1/4 inch hole into each pot.  I used the tail end of a paintbrush.


Enlist the help of your husband and already bathed daughter to plant the seeds.


Label each tray and cover with a lid.  If you use a plant light like we do, be sure to turn it off before going to bed.

We’ll do this again with roughly a bajillion more seeds.  I’m hoping the snow melts soon so we can get outside and show you how we get the yard ready to be planted.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more salsa we canned last summer to eat.  Those jars aren’t going to empty themselves!