Sharpie Mug Art meowmug kittymugIt’s no secret I’m a crazy cat lady. Or that I love crafting. And coffee. It seemed only natural to put these things together and create cat mugs. Aren’t they cute?


What You’ll Need


white mug- I usually buy mine at the dollar store

sharpie oil based paint marker, whichever color (s) you prefer

Draw your design on or in the mug, set it in the oven, and turn it on to 350 degrees. Let it bake for 30 minutes. That’s it. You’re done, you crafty fool. Be sure to only hand wash these babies or your art will disappear.

The possibilities are endless and this craft is cheap. Like $5 cheap. These also make perfect last minute gifts for any occasion. So get to crafting!

Finger Puppet Play Pillows playpillow My kitchen has been closed the last week while we lay a new floor.  I am beyond excited about this.  While I’ve been away from my stove, I’ve been working on Christmas gifts.  Each year I make presents for all the kids in the family.  For the younger ones, I decided on finger puppet play pillows.  This was a labor of love as I totally underestimated how much time it would take to make each one.  Especially since I really only had free time while Emme napped.  Which wasn’t much this past week.  She’s fully embracing the holiday spirit.

What You’ll Need playpillow1

felt- various colors

pillow forms- found mine on for less than $4 each

yarn- for the hair

string- to attach puppets to the pillow

thread and needle


permanent marker- for the faces

fabric glue

I rough sketched a finger puppet form, castle, crown, dragon (for the boys), dress for the princess, and shirt for the knight. You can find the pdf here- finger puppet. I traced each onto a piece of felt then cut them out.  You’ll need two each of the puppet form, dress, and shirt.  Once I sewed the puppet forms together, I turned them inside out.  The dress and shirt are a little bit bigger than the puppet to make it easier to sew on.  I just added a few stitches at the shoulders and under the arms. I originally tried gluing the yarn hair on but wasn’t very successful. So I stitched it on. For the crown, sew the ends together and attach to each puppet head with just a few stitches. I used a quick drying fabric glue to attach the castle to the pillow as well as the string to the puppet and pillow.  It survived the yank test after about 4 hours.

Each pillow took roughly an hour and cost approximately $5. I love that it cost so little to make something so fun. I also love that it’s not some commercially packaged present that everyone else will have. These pillows are super versatile and only need a little imagination and time to create.  Instead of princesses and dragons, you could make a barn and farm animal finger puppets.  Get crafty! dragon


Sweet and Simple Hanging Vases

I love fresh flowers in the house.  I also love cats.  The two mix like oil and water.  I spotted these tiny vases for $1 at A.C. Moore and a project was born.

What You’ll Need:


tiny vases you love

fine wire or rope

super glue

I wrapped tiger wire (any fine wire or rope will do) around the neck.


I used a few drops of super glue to hold the knot in place.

While they were drying, Emme and I took a walk to find a few small flowers to put in them.


We brought them home, added a little water to the vases and hung them.  I love how sweet they look hanging in my pantry window.


Simple DIY Toddler Floor Pillow pillowI don’t know about your toddler, but mine loves being on the floor.  Specifically, standing directly in front of the giant television.  As in, nose practically touching the t.v.  She also really loves lounging on the dog bed.  This means the dog is usually lounging on the sofa.  I’m not super fond of either of these scenarios.  So I came up with an easy, cheap solution.  I made a giant Emme floor pillow.


I am, in no sense of the word, a seamstress.  But I can handle a straight stitch on a sewing machine.  While we were running errands one day, we popped into Joann Fabrics and I let Emme pick the pattern she liked from the clearance section.  I think a yard of this chevron print was $2.  When she went down for a nap, I got to work.  It took me a bit to find my sewing machine.  That should tell you how often I sew.  Next I had to call my mom to walk me through the whole side bobbin thing again.  Once I figured that out I gathered the rest of my supplies- fabric





scissors machine








In order to keep my sanity, I kept this super simple by not doing any measuring.  I folded the fabric in half, wrong side out.  I pinned the edges and began sewing. I left an opening about 8 inches long and turned the fabric right side out.  I then stuffed it with poly-fil.  Once it was to Emme’s desired fluffiness, I sewed an invisible stitch to close the pillow.  That’s it.  You’re done.  The whole project took me less than an hour.  Now she and the dog have their own floor pillows and she’s no longer nose to screen. floor pillow