Brown Sugar Body Scrub bodyscrubI don’t know about you, but winter weather really takes a toll on my skin. It’s even worse this year as we’ve been spending so much time outside working on our Great Playground Tour of Baltimore. I also kind of suck at keeping moisturized. Who has the time for so many steps?? Not this girl. To combat dryness (and laziness) I’ve whipped up this super easy, super moisturizing body scrub.

What You’ll Need

1 C brown sugar

1/3 C coconut oil

1/2 TSP cinnamon

1 TSP vanilla extract

Heat the coconut oil in the microwave for 30-40 seconds, until melted. Pour it over the sugar. Add the vanilla extract and cinnamon and stir. Store it in an airtight container for up to 2 months. Your skin will thank you. And you’ll smell delicious.

Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips chocolatepotatochipsMy love of potato dipped in chocolate runs deep.  As a kid, I’d dip fries in my milkshake.  It’s ok if you think I’m crazy.  I won’t apologize for this delicious little snack.  Yesterday’s storms brought wicked sweet and salty cravings and I thought what better way to appease those cravings than with chocolate dipped potato chips? There is no better way.

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Homemade Lavender Deodorant

My bathroom cabinet currently contains four half used natural deodorants.  I had high hopes for each one.  In the end, they all let me down.  I’ve been trying for years now to stop using conventional deodorants.  They are chock full of toxic chemicals (aluminum, parabens) that cause anything from Alzheimer’s to breast cancer.   I’m not comfortable with this.  So I scoured the interwebs for a natural, cheap homemade option.  I took that knowledge, mashed up a few ingredients I already had in my cabinet and voila! A natural, cheap, EFFECTIVE deodorant was born.

What You’ll Need-


2 TBSP baking soda

6 TBSP arrowroot (or cornstarch)

2 TBSP coconut oil, melted

10 ish drops essential oil of choice- I used lavender for this batch.

In a bowl combine all ingredients.  Mash into an empty deodorant container or leave it in a small jar.  Let it set a day or so to firm up.  Apply to underarms, let it soak in and go about your business.

Coconut oil liquifies at 76 degrees so I’ll generally use this recipe until the heat of summer hits.  Once it does, I’ll make another batch and add a little beeswax to keep it firm.  You could leave out this step and store the deodorant in the fridge.

There are a few things to keep in mind when transitioning to a natural deodorant.  One, it won’t keep you from sweating.  Sweating is what helps your body rid itself of toxins.  Embrace it.  You won’t smell.  This was a tough one for me as I absolutely hate to sweat.  I think I’d hate to have cancer more, though. Two, your body will go through an adjustment period (usually a week or so) now that your glands are no longer being blocked.  I urge you to wait it out.  Your body will thank you.

Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

Sometimes a girl just needs chocolate and nut butter.

I used to make these with muffin liners.  While shopping with my daughter this morning I found candy molds.  I’ll gladly make my life simpler for $1.99.

This is my go to recipe when I’m not super lazy and scooping peanut butter out of the jar with a piece of chocolate.

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