Lately 1.15.16

light_blue__yellow_abstract_wallpapersI’m going to do this bullet style since I have a sick kid and I’m up to my eyeballs in SEO.

  • I’ve immersed myself in all things SEO and marketing this week. To say it hurts my head is an understatement. I just want to make pretty things and have the rest take care of myself. But that’s not very responsible or grownup or any kind of how selling works. So I’m shutting up my inner 4-year-old and doing it right.
  • Our chickens are suddenly mega producing eggs. Like we have 7 dozen sitting on the counter. It’s a wonderful problem to have.
  • Shakeology. No, seriously. I resisted buying it for so long. It’s so expensive. But I definitely feel a difference on the days I don’t have it. And it’s true- it really does help keep cravings away. It must be all those super nutrients.
  • Gaiam’s pressure point massager. It really helps with all the squats I’ve been doing lately.
  • Let’s take a moment to recognize the world has lost a few great talents this week. I’ve been listening to David Bowie while binge watching all things Alan Rickman. If nothing else, it makes me pause a moment and be grateful for all I have.

Here’s to a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Lately 1.8.16

kc4We are finally finding our groove over here. I hope the new year is treating you well. Here are some things I’m loving lately-

Grandma’s say the darndest things. I especially love #5.

Carmen Herrera. She’s my new hero. She kept at her craft and was finally recognized for her talents at the age of 94. Keep working on your dreams people! If for no other reason than it makes YOU happy.

The Miracle Morning. Hal Elrod is a pretty amazing dude. His is an inspirational story. It’s no secret I struggle with time and balance. Does anyone really have this figured out? All I know is, getting up before everyone else, even though morning’s SUCK, is all kinds of beneficial for me. It allows me to enjoy my day without stressing over all the little things that usually keep my brain occupied. Like dirty floors.

Kiddie Crusoe. Emme chose to have her birthday party here again for her 4th birthday. I can’t say enough good things about them. It’s reasonably priced AND they do all the setup and cleanup. Win, win.

Chrome extensions. Are you using Chrome as your browser? No? You should be! I’m loving these extensions- MightyText, Grammerly, and Honey (who doesn’t love saving money?).

Master’s Hammer and Chisel. It’s all kinds of hard and sweat inducing and I find myself craving it on rest days.

What are you loving lately?


While I don’t necessarily believe there is such a thing, lately I’ve been looking to equalize the chaos. We’ve all spent the last month in some stage of sickness and it’s given me loads of time to think. I’m living most of my life either in a state of what I didn’t get done earlier or what do I need to do later. I’m constantly working to not have to work as hard later. Does that make sense? Or does it just make me sound crazy? Either way, I’m really trying to be more present. How appropriate as we’re coming up on Thanksgiving, right?

It’s all too easy to go through life focusing on the what if’s and when this happens I’ll be happy/stress free etc. But by doing that I’m wishing away huge parts of my life and that isn’t the way to be my happiest. So this week I’m making an effort to focus on (and enjoy!) where I am in any given moment. I want to give my energy and undivided attention to those I’m with. This means less scrolling mindlessly through social media and more doing the things I love. If you celebrate, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, good food, and love.

Summer Lovin’

You guys, I’ve totally slacked on everything this last month. We’ve just been having so much fun hanging out and cramming in as much fun as possible. Here’s what we’ve been up to-

The Zoo. We have a membership and we’ve more than gotten our money’s worth. We especially love the new penguin exhibit. zoo

The Smithsonian. We are members and D.C. is less than an hour away. We’ve spent many days exploring the museums. Our last trip included the Library of Congress and the Botanical Gardens. I could’ve sat there all day. So beautiful. botgardens librarycongress

Art classes at the Walter’s Museum. As you can see, she studied the portraits intensely. walters

We discovered Jamberry and our nails have never been so pretty. I’ve fallen so madly in love with them I’ve become a consultant. jamberry

Speaking of things I’m doing, I’ve reopened my etsy shop. Come by, say hi, buy yourself a pretty.

First Friday’s in Hamilton. Especially the super delicious and free cupcakes from Hamilton Bakery. These guys are doing it right.

Eating eggs. So many eggs. We have a larger number of chickens than I originally planned. We are now selling excess eggs to our friends and neighbors. eggs

Lauraville Market. I live in such an awesome, family oriented community. I love that Emme has so many friends to play with. lauraville

How are you closing out the summer?


Loving Lately 3.20.15

1. It is technically Spring! Let’s not talk about the snow accumulation this morning, m’kay?

2. Emme’s Playground. We built a swing set and rock wall for our favorite kid last weekend. I need only travel to my backyard for awesome fun. rockwall

3. Emme’s been falling asleep by 7:45 most nights. The downside? No mid day naps. We’re in this weird place where she totally needs a nap/rest period but seems completely incapable thus resulting in epic meltdowns by dinner. I keep repeating this too shall pass. It will, right? Yeah. Totally.

4. Google Messenger. I’ve finally found a messaging app that works for me. I’m a definitely a Google girl.

5. My wee little kitchen herbs are sprouting. Hello, Thyme! thyme

What are you loving lately?

Newsworthy 2.5.15

ball pitIt’s another week.  Here are some snippets from the interwebs I found interesting.

Secret Amazon tips– I love Amazon. In an almost unhealthy way. I love the free 2 day shipping. I love Amazon Smile.  I love Prime Pantry. I love instant video. I love the Fire tablet with Free Time. I never have to worry about what and how long my kid is watching.

Pay with your face– What?? No.

 Ball pit for adults– Let’s all move to London. Just remember to bring sanitizer.

 Three person embryo law– Please no. This is one scary, slippery slope.

Go Set a Watchman– Harper Lee’s second novel will be released this summer, more than 50 years after To Kill A Mockingbird was published. There is controversy over whether she’s given consent to this as her publisher never directly spoke with her about it.

Have more coffee.  The weekend is almost here.

Newsworthy 1.29.15

coffee-newspaper-keyboardI organized my office again. It’s truly amazing how quickly it becomes cluttered. It opened up some head space to find these articles-

12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks– Warning- this contains foul language. Did you know about some of these accomplishments? No? Let’s discuss once you pick your jaw up from the floor.

The Hardest Completed Rock Climb in the World– Dudes are badass. They climbed the 3,000 foot wall in a single expedition using only their hands and feet. What? Some days I can’t make it from the basement to the third floor of my house.

 The World’s Most Advanced Coffee Laboratory– I would like to go here.

 The ethics of ordering out during blizzard conditions– Basically, don’t be an asshole. But if you are, tip BIG.

 #Lovethemirror– I’m sort of in love with this chick. She has lots of good stuff to say about body love. Go, read, start loving yourself just as you are.

What’s newsworthy to you this week?

Loving Lately 1.22.15 Reading Edition

indexI’ve always loved reading. I was one of those kids who would hide under a blanket with a flashlight after bedtime so I could keep reading a book. I’ve done less reading the last few years. Life, babies, Pinterest, and Instagram just sort of took over.  I’m making it a goal to clear out my reading list. Because while I’ve not been reading as much, I’ve still been buying books. Here are just a few I’m working on at the moment.

1- Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

This book is so, so necessary. It’s all about shame and vulnerability and how to live a wholehearted life. There are so many excellent, soul on points that make me gasp, sigh, and cry. It’s like she’s talking to ME. And YOU. I highly recommend it.

2- Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

This has been on my reading list for some time. I’m just starting this one and already don’t want to put it down.

3- Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

She is one of my favorite authors.  I’ve not started this book, but I look forward to seeing how she takes on the subject of climate change.

4- My Booky Wook by Russell Brand

What can I say. It’s on my list. I’m oddly fascinated/attracted to this weirdo.

5- I think I Am in Friend- Love with you by Yumi Sakugawa

This is a really short, light read. It’s sweet and cute and you should send it to your best friend.

What are some of your current/favorite books?

Lately (bullet style!)

I finally feel like life is calming down enough to get back to a schedule. Between holidays and birthdays, things have been a bit crazy. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately-

  • Emme started ballet. We’re two weeks in and she couldn’t be more enthused. She’s still asking on the daily if it’s ballet day.
  • Emme turned 3! We had a Frozen themed party at Kiddie Crusoe. They did all the setup and cleanup. I highly recommend them if you have one in your area.

e bday

  • Garden planning! Spring is right around the corner. We’re busy plotting where beds will go and what veggies to plant. I’m thinking this year I need lots of fennel.
  • Getting over the flu. Again. It’s been very hard to shake these nasty little germs.

How’s 2015 treating you so far?