Sharpie Mug Art meowmug kittymugIt’s no secret I’m a crazy cat lady. Or that I love crafting. And coffee. It seemed only natural to put these things together and create cat mugs. Aren’t they cute?


What You’ll Need


white mug- I usually buy mine at the dollar store

sharpie oil based paint marker, whichever color (s) you prefer

Draw your design on or in the mug, set it in the oven, and turn it on to 350 degrees. Let it bake for 30 minutes. That’s it. You’re done, you crafty fool. Be sure to only hand wash these babies or your art will disappear.

The possibilities are endless and this craft is cheap. Like $5 cheap. These also make perfect last minute gifts for any occasion. So get to crafting!

Imaginative Play: Dress Up Area dressupPart of downsizing our living last year meant giving up a dedicated office. Emme and I share an office/play room that will one day also be where I home school her. I’ve worked very hard to make it a fun, imaginative, and productive space for both of us. As it’s not that big of a space, I’ve had to get really creative in how it’s used. We currently have a reading area, a writing area, and my desk. What was lacking was a dress up area.

Since she’s currently very into imaginative play, princesses, and all things frilly and twirly, a dress up area was a must. But it had to take up little space.  We have this weird section of wall that is encasing air conditioning duct work. We can’t hang anything on it that requires nails or screws for fear of puncturing the duct work. Which made it perfect for peel and stick mirrors and command strips to hold princess dresses and fairy wings. I let her decide the mirror pattern. I think she did a super job of it.  I ordered these awesome peel and stick mirrors on Amazon. They actually stick and reflect a clear image.

Once she was satisfied with the mirrors, we hung her dresses on command strips. I found that cute picnic basket at Goodwill for $3. It holds all her dress up shoes, hats, sunglasses, tiaras and wands. She absolutely loves it. It was very easy to set up and cost less than $15.

Do you share an office? If you have an actual playroom, do you have separate stations like we do?


Cheap And Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

non toxic cleanersI love cleaning.  Seriously.  I clean every day. I also love knowing it’s done in a safe, non-toxic way.  I am very mindful of what I use around my home.  We all also know I am cheap. Thankfully the two happen to go together quite nicely.  Here are the products I use around my home, their effectiveness, and why you should use them too.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide.  If you’re not currently using this, I urge you to run to your nearest dollar store and pick up a bottle.  Or twelve.  Trust me.  You’ll thank me later.  It’s a miracle cleaner.  It is an excellent, odorless disinfectant. I use it to clean everything- cutting boards, kids toys, bathtub, kitchen sink, floors, and even as a bleach alternative in the laundry. I screw a sprayer on to the bottle, spray surfaces, let it sit a few minutes, and wipe away.  You’ll know it’s working because it’ll bubble.  I like imagining the bubbles are devouring the germs.

2. Vinegar.  Another amazing liquid.  Not only does it kill bacteria, it shines wood floors, cleans windows to a streak free shine, softens laundry (That’s right. It’s a fabric softener.  Slip a cup into the rinse cycle.  I promise your clothes will not smell like a giant salad.), and even repels fleas and ticks from your pets.

3. Baking Soda.  Combine it with a little water to form a paste and you have an amazing scrub.  I use this paste to clean my stove top. It also deodorizes rugs and removes smells from fridges. Sprinkle a little on your carpet, let sit 15 minutes then vacuum. Baking soda mixed with vinegar makes an excellent drain opener.

4. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap.  Love this in peppermint.  It can literally be used for anything from washing dishes, laundry, floors, and even your hair. This is the most expensive of the products I use.  It averages about $10 a bottle, but it lasts quite a long time.

5. Lemons. They smell lovely and are fantastic for cleaning windows, removing grease stains from clothing, and killing germs from cutting boards.

These are the only cleaning supplies I have in my home.  They are cheap, effective, and take up very little space.  What amazing, natural products do you use?


Sweet and Simple Hanging Vases

I love fresh flowers in the house.  I also love cats.  The two mix like oil and water.  I spotted these tiny vases for $1 at A.C. Moore and a project was born.

What You’ll Need:


tiny vases you love

fine wire or rope

super glue

I wrapped tiger wire (any fine wire or rope will do) around the neck.


I used a few drops of super glue to hold the knot in place.

While they were drying, Emme and I took a walk to find a few small flowers to put in them.


We brought them home, added a little water to the vases and hung them.  I love how sweet they look hanging in my pantry window.