The Laziest Craft Ever puppetEmme is in a puppet phase. While at the craft store over the weekend, she found a few $1 sock puppet crafts. We finally got around to making the giraffe this morning. Of course once that was done, she needed a stage. Being as resourceful as I am, I quickly dug a fruit snack box out of the recycling bin and cut out a panel on the front and back. This is where the super lazy part comes in. I cut a random piece of fabric to cover one opening and fastened it to the box with safety pins. I then took two pieces of ribbon and tied them to the safety pins. These we used to tie the “curtain” back while giraffe was performing. Seriously the laziest, easiest project I’ve completed. She played with it for nearly an hour. What’s the laziest project you’ve completed? stage1 stage

Quick Mermaid Craft

I’m trying to do one simple, crafty thing a day with Emme. She’s all about Ariel right now so I thought hey, let’s be mermaids. This is so easy to do guys. Start to finish was maybe 10 minutes. She’s been wearing it for about an hour now.

What You’ll Need

One adult sock

cut out of mermaid tail- card stock will do. we used felt.


I drew a tail on felt, cut it out, and let her decorate with markers.


She chose the sock she wanted.

5 Don’t judge my weird sock collection.

We taped the mermaid tail to the sock. Easy peasy, right?

3 2

It didn’t last long on both legs as she is incapable of sitting for more than a minute. She’s been waving it around on one foot for about an hour. I’m betting she’ll sleep with it on.